Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Every One Buckle Up!!! Here We Go!!

Ok…so I have come to realize that there are way too many food bloggers in the blogosphere, that I am absolutely NOT productive if I am in a 3-block radius of a computer with access to the blogospere, and finally that I am surrendering to my everyday idea that “Hey…I could do this! No one will read it or understand it, but I COULD do it!!!” I think that my mom might print it out and stick it on her fridge along with the turkey hands and finger paints I did as I child…which I know is more of a comfort to me that a huge shining achievement!!

I think to myself about the types of blogs that I would want to write, to include personal stories or not, to offer advice or not (who am I kidding…I am such an amateur…this will probably end up as someone’s one moment of condemning laughter as I fumble my way through the kitchen!) But, I am SOOO excited to start this process, to share my learning experiences, and definitely provide some comic relief along the way!!

I have decided to add a more personal touch to this blog…to include personal stories and memories (Gasp, gasp…I can hear all of the serious foodies desperately reaching for their mouses, or is it mice? to exit this page.) I believe that the love of cooking, food, and entertaining is such a personal reflection and journey that I must divulge a snippet of my life. So please excuse my rambling on about other non-food issues, and I hope you stay tuned for my next foodie fiasco!! Check out the REAL website for more serious grilling info...

As I have been feeding my food blog addiction, I am completely amazed at the professionalism and gourmet styling of these people…I mean artists, because in my mind I have let my addiction spotlight these cooks/chefs/everyday peeps into celebrities. ( I swear there is paparazzi staring at me right now through the window…man that didn’t take long!!! I’m ready for my close up!!) Just a joke folks! I am hoping that this blog can become a source of self expression (you should be thanking your lucky stars I didn’t decide to become a painter right now…yikes!!), and that it will document my passion and journey through the culinary world!!!

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