Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Veggie Garden!!! YAY!!

I am soooo pooped out right now, but I can’t wait to tell you about our garden. I have an inherited interest in gardening...check out my mom at and you will see where I get it from!

Robby and I love anything outdoors, so a vegetable garden sounded like the perfect Spring past time. Until Robby got in control of the tiller. Have you ever seen a four year old make their own plate at the buffet restaurant?’s not pretty. Their eyes always tend to be larger than their bellies, and they over-load themselves with pasta salad and burger bites. And so did my little honey in the back yard. I thought that we would make a quaint little 5 foot by 5 foot patch to plant a few tomatoes. But Robby thought differently. He thought we needed this:

Yes, it is beautiful! It is BEAUTIFUL! But it is also HUMONGOUS!!! So, sorry friends- I can’t go to your weddings, baby showers, family vacations, or backyard grill outs because I will be weeding our garden for the rest of my life.

But the good news is that I have amazing help! Hoss brings all of the weeds right back to me when I try to throw them out of the garden.

And Robby sits here and makes funny faces at me to brighten my spirits as I toil my life away pulling weeds. Always to the first to offer words of encouragement. Thanks Hun...really.

Easter weekend with Ali

I was fortunate enough to spend Easter weekend with my sister. Although we both live in Alabama, our busy schedules make it pretty hard to spend time together. So I was totally excited when she decided to come visit for the weekend.

She had grand plans to stay on the beach and in the sun for the majority of the time, but Mr. Weather and I both had different ideas for her! We had a crafty weekend and definitely caught up on our sister time.

On Friday we stayed at the hizzy, had some wine (duh...), and played Cranium. If anyone of you has not tried MUST go get it right now. We have a blast every time we brake it out!

Here is Ali enacting a “Cocktail Dress”...just think of charades. Have I told you yet that I love love love this girl??

And here is the after shot. (Hence the empty wine glass!)

Here we are in our shopping dresses the next day:

We crafted out bee-hineys off because Mr. Weather would not cooperate enough to head to the beach. So we made these instead. Take that Mr. Weather; my booties beat a sunburn any day!

And I made this to help me keep track of my jewelry. I am so excited about it:

I can’t wait to see her again...she’s my soul mate. I miss her everyday that she is away.

Saturday Breakfast

Well, Robbu and I had a pretty busy weekend. We practically did all of our Spring planting in 2 days. So to start off the weekend of dirty hands and sun-kissed shoulders, I made one of my breakfast favorites...a frittata! Can't beat this for a boost of energy!

I tend to find that most frittatas are too dense for my taste; so this version is more of a baked omelet. But I just like saying "frittata" sounds more fancy-smanchy than "baked omelet." I served it with garlic-cheese grits and strawberries.

Broccoli and Parmesan Frittata

The players:

1/2 c steamed broccoli florets

1/2 c grated Parmesan

1/2 tbs butter

8 eggs

1/4 c milk

Here we Go!!

Pre-Heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Alright...first I separate all of the egg whites from the yolks. The I beat the crap out of the whites until frothy. Add the yolks and milk, set aside.

Place butter into a pan on stove over medium heat until butter is melted. Be sure the the pan used is oven-safe. Then Place steamed broccoli into pan, and stir to coat the florets. Add milk and cheese, sir and let sit for a few minutes.

Cover and place pan into oven for 10 min.

The frittata should rise slightly. When finished I invert the pan onto a serving dish and serve pie-style!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Priorities First People!!

Ok...I was reading through old emails between Kris-tan and I and found the passage below. I then proceeded to fall out of my chair into the fetal position and start crying because I miss my girls so much. (k is the one on the right...after a few glasses of wine)
Kris-tan: "I did get a lot done at my house. I think this is the first time in a while that I have no clothes in the washer or the dryer or stacked in laundry baskets. I was a big girl and folded them all. Whew...but I do have a headache today. Eventhough the wine wasn't that great...somehow I manage to choke down the whole bottle. gotta be good at somethin' huh?"

Me: "I truely believe that it is our duty to drink an entire bottle of wine at a time- especially if we don't like it, to determine exactly what tastes wrong!! I do it all of the time. I should be a professional bad-wine drinker. I want to drink some wine tonight, but I have to be productive and get my house ready for company over the weekend. "

Me: "Guess what I did last night?? I drank some WINE and did absolutely nothing productive!! HeeHeeWhatcha doing this weekend?? "

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Crack.

So I think that I owe all of my loyal readers an explanation of my behavior lately. (Sorry Mom.)
I have an addiction. There, I said it.

Hello. My name is Katie. And I am an addict.
Here is my drug:

It is called Rock Band; a video game where you can start a band with real-toy instruments and tour the WORLD! HAHAHA (laughing like Mike Myers in Austin Powers)

Our band is called Lesion. Pretty rockin’ huh? We have band practice a few nights a week, but I can’t stop thinking/dreaming/breathing rock band. And I am good too!! Who-da thunk?!

So…here are some lovely pictures of my band LESION:

Robby, love of my life, the drummer!! Probably the best drummer in the world of rock!! He is concentrating pretty hard.

Some times he likes to rock out on the vocals! Can anyone say "multi-talented"?

This is George on the lead vocals. I just call him Axel.

Ryan on Lead Vocals. Ryan is definitely our top performer on the guitar. Definitely. But...he likes to mix it up with the mic on occasion. Man he is super serious folks...yes-he is breaking a sweat!

I told you he was serious! Ry-dog is practicing his serenading techniques on his roomie George. Now that is dedication.

And last, but certainly NOT least. Our groupie Frank! We just couldn't do it without him. He is always the first to offer words of encouragement, or in this case...a Natty Lite. (Only real rockers drink cheap beer.)

And If you are wondering...I play a mean bass guitar!