Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Well, it is finally warming up! Thank goodness because, as I have been told by the real locals, this winter has been the coldest in decades. I can feel Spring heading our way; I feel more energized and excited for the year ahead. Although my jiggly MT (affectionate abbreviation for muffin top) has not seen the benefits of this spring revival, our house renovation sure has!! I will post a few pics later.

Like everyone else right now, $$ is tight so we are starting with small projects and those that offer rebate incentives. First I refurbished the old chandelier and I made some fun curtains in the dining room. Since we are planning on selling the house I am trying to leave the major parts of the house as neutral as possible, walls, floors, etc. and I am trying to bring fun colors and accents in places that are easily changeable. Just in case a buyer doesn't really mesh with my taste...but seriously...who would not LOVE my taste?? will never guess what color I painted the chandelier, hint: WAR EAGLE!!!

The second project was replacing the refrigerator which was not by choice. See Letter below:

Dear Skeezy Refrigerator Sales Man in Foley,

You lured me in with your killer prices and fancy talk of things like "warranty" and "stainless steel." And I fell for it and purchased a "stainless steel" fridge, only to bring it home and it never worked. To my dismay you replaced it with a white fridge that clashed with all the appliances and promised to bring a "stainless" one back....which was a year ago. And then it died. A slow and agonizing death, thank goodness I was able to salvage most of the goods. If my truffle oil had gone bad- your ass would be grass mister!!

A new owner of a GE Energy Star fridge

And so, the hubbs and I went to Home Depot and purchased our first appliance. We went in as a couple of kids and walked out as proud grown ups! Yupereee.

Sorry I don't have pics of the house stuff....but I will leave you with this:

This is Robby's Greek Chicken Pitas and Ah Ma Gah!!! Check them out at the website: they should be posted by next week.

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