Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Um, yeah. So the Robertson's are officially out of commission. Robby has developed a fun new hobby; sleep walking. During one of his 3am excursions he fell into the tub and fractured his collar bone. SERIOUSLY. And I totally ragged him about it too, telling everyone what a mess he is, and how clumsy he is, that is until I busted my butt dancing like a 17 year a front of EVERYONE...and fractured my wrist. I totally deserved it after making fun of hubbs all week...but dang!! OOOOwwwch!!!

So I have a working left hand and Robby has a working right hand. We are such a mess. He dresses me and I dress him. You should see how he fixes my hair....

Dear God,

Please have mercy on our unborn children and make them be boys. Their father does not have the skills to work with long hair. He does not even own a hair brush. I fear that a daughter will look like a misfit if I was ever unable to do her hair and left her with her father.


On further news...its Arts and Crafts Festival here in Fairhope. The 'rents are coming in town and I will try and take some pics to post next week!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

I hope no one pinches me today...I'm cranky when I hurt.


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