Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon to a Computer Near You...
Spicy Cheese Straws, Sausage and Cheddar Biscuits,
& Gettin' Hitched-Texas Style-Chicken and Stuffing Casserole!!

Ok, so...it will probably be coming soon to a computer RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. But it just sounded better that way!

All of these are compliments of my dear friend Melany (soon to be hitched) Burton. Actually, none of these recipes are from her. Wait just a sec, I'll explain it all!
This past Saturday all of the girls celebrated Mel's last night of freedom by having a shower and going out on the town. I made my infamous cheese straws and sausage and cheese biscuits- and again, they were a hit! Due to the overwhelming demand for the recipe (Katie and Kristen asked me...and hence the overwhelming-ness), I will post it for ya'll.

However...a small dilemma stands in the way. I must make them again to take my beautiful and professional pics for the page. I mean really...who would ever want to read a recipe that did not include pictures?? This is how I judge all books really; even my Bible has the cartoon pics in it. It's a necessity.

The chicken and stuffing casserole is courtesy of Mel's totally hunky soon-to-be husband! What a doll. And I am saying this solely on the basis of his picture...he's a cutie-patootie! For some odd reason Mel has not allowed me to meet Rob, the fiancé. Surely she is not embarrassed by me?!! So...I am accepting this recipe as an offering of peace. Thanks Rob! I will make your yummy casserole and share it with my friends, and I will let you marry by friend without too much of a fight, and will not interrogate you in the middle of the ceremony.

Ah..who am I kidding! I would let any of my friend marry a guy as hunky as Rob!!

So, after all of my rambling, the point is: Stay tuned peeps, I am working on some of my faves and will post them ASAP!!

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matt said...

Chicken and Stuffing Casserole?? WHAT?!??! Where? When? I'm there!!!!

You better make extra, that's ALL I'm sayin'.