Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday Alison...Again!

My ever-so-talented older sister, Alison, turned 23 on February 5th for the 6th time!

I was in Birmingham celebrating with a few friends this past weekend, and was so very lucky to see Alison for lunch on Sunday. Ali and I are rarely in the same city, and when we do see eachother it is usually at our parents house in Louisiana. So with us actually being within driving distance of eachother we met at Zapata's Mexican restaurant off of Valleydale Road and both enjoyed their famous chicken soup.

My mother ( has perfected this soup recipe, and if you are lucky and behave yourself I might post it early next week. So you better watch your p's & q's!!

It was such a treat to spend time with her and her wonderful husband, David.
Being that I somehow always make the world revolve around myself, I politely pointed out that I love her only for the sole purpose that I will always be younger than her, and she will always be old. She replied only that she has felt 23 for the past 5 years, and has not aged a bit. Which is the truth...darn it. And I am NOT jealous of her inability to age...not even a tiny bit. I swear.

So...HAPPY 23rd MY LOVE!!

Enjoy some pics from Sailing at The Grand Hotel, Fairhope, AL.

Alison was completely enamored with her feet and refused to take a picture with me...

Then I threatned that I would bite her on the nose if she she didn't smile for the camera.

I often have to revert to violence with her- she's a fiesty one!

In complete fear of losing her nose she agreed to smile for the camera!

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