Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When mom lost her hair, no one had a second thought about it. My mother is not defined by her hair, and for all of us that know her would have to be defined by anything so petty as an outward appearance. And although my husband would beg to differ, I believe I have held my emotions in check pretty well through the pregnancy so far. Yet the other night I balled crying like I have not done in years with the thought that my child will not see her hair.
I guess I am just scared that they will never picture her the way I do when random thoughts float by, that she will look differently in their dreams than mine. Or maybe its just my pregnancy hormones raging to no end.

The dreams have been the most entertaining aspect so far. Three dreams stick out in memory, and offer a good giggle when I think about them.
#1. My lady parts fall off and I have to carry them around. Um yeah....anyone know the number to a good psychiatrist?
#2. I could squeeze with belly with my hands, like you did when making your belly button talk...(oh-you know what I am talking about.) But in my case I could squeeze my baby into a position where you could see it perfectly- through my skin . And it had a head full of hair. What?? Again....I really need that number.
#3. I had the baby, it was a boy. But it looks just like my office manager, who is a girl. My friends Katie and Paige circumcised him with nail clippers, then I bandaged him up. Weirdest part was the reality of emotions, I LOVED him so stinking of those vivid dreams that haunt you for a day or two.

Please send help, or chocolate doughnuts as soon as possible.


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