Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Veggie Garden!!! YAY!!

I am soooo pooped out right now, but I can’t wait to tell you about our garden. I have an inherited interest in gardening...check out my mom at and you will see where I get it from!

Robby and I love anything outdoors, so a vegetable garden sounded like the perfect Spring past time. Until Robby got in control of the tiller. Have you ever seen a four year old make their own plate at the buffet restaurant?’s not pretty. Their eyes always tend to be larger than their bellies, and they over-load themselves with pasta salad and burger bites. And so did my little honey in the back yard. I thought that we would make a quaint little 5 foot by 5 foot patch to plant a few tomatoes. But Robby thought differently. He thought we needed this:

Yes, it is beautiful! It is BEAUTIFUL! But it is also HUMONGOUS!!! So, sorry friends- I can’t go to your weddings, baby showers, family vacations, or backyard grill outs because I will be weeding our garden for the rest of my life.

But the good news is that I have amazing help! Hoss brings all of the weeds right back to me when I try to throw them out of the garden.

And Robby sits here and makes funny faces at me to brighten my spirits as I toil my life away pulling weeds. Always to the first to offer words of encouragement. Thanks Hun...really.

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Happy said...

Hi Katie...this is Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness.

I have been unable to contact you, re: Blogging by Mail. Did you ever ship out your box? Also, the box sent to you was returned as 'not picked up'.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd get back to me.