Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter weekend with Ali

I was fortunate enough to spend Easter weekend with my sister. Although we both live in Alabama, our busy schedules make it pretty hard to spend time together. So I was totally excited when she decided to come visit for the weekend.

She had grand plans to stay on the beach and in the sun for the majority of the time, but Mr. Weather and I both had different ideas for her! We had a crafty weekend and definitely caught up on our sister time.

On Friday we stayed at the hizzy, had some wine (duh...), and played Cranium. If anyone of you has not tried MUST go get it right now. We have a blast every time we brake it out!

Here is Ali enacting a “Cocktail Dress”...just think of charades. Have I told you yet that I love love love this girl??

And here is the after shot. (Hence the empty wine glass!)

Here we are in our shopping dresses the next day:

We crafted out bee-hineys off because Mr. Weather would not cooperate enough to head to the beach. So we made these instead. Take that Mr. Weather; my booties beat a sunburn any day!

And I made this to help me keep track of my jewelry. I am so excited about it:

I can’t wait to see her again...she’s my soul mate. I miss her everyday that she is away.

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