Thursday, March 27, 2008

Priorities First People!!

Ok...I was reading through old emails between Kris-tan and I and found the passage below. I then proceeded to fall out of my chair into the fetal position and start crying because I miss my girls so much. (k is the one on the right...after a few glasses of wine)
Kris-tan: "I did get a lot done at my house. I think this is the first time in a while that I have no clothes in the washer or the dryer or stacked in laundry baskets. I was a big girl and folded them all. Whew...but I do have a headache today. Eventhough the wine wasn't that great...somehow I manage to choke down the whole bottle. gotta be good at somethin' huh?"

Me: "I truely believe that it is our duty to drink an entire bottle of wine at a time- especially if we don't like it, to determine exactly what tastes wrong!! I do it all of the time. I should be a professional bad-wine drinker. I want to drink some wine tonight, but I have to be productive and get my house ready for company over the weekend. "

Me: "Guess what I did last night?? I drank some WINE and did absolutely nothing productive!! HeeHeeWhatcha doing this weekend?? "


Anonymous said...

I love that ALL of my girls are wineoholics with me. I couldn't do it alone! I can picture us at 65 riding along in a convertable together (yes - like the YA-YA sister hood) drinking bloody marries and not giving a rat's butt what anyone thinks about it. CHEERS LADIES!!!

Anonymous said...

That was from Kris-tan by the way. I forgot my password - I'm sure none of you are surprised by that!! Typical me...

Katie said...

Cheers my loverly! Robbu brought some goods home last night. I think I may have a glass (or 5) tonight...hmmmm. Is it 5 yet?

Katie said...

Haha...Robbu...I like it. I just invented a new nickname.