Friday, March 14, 2008

My Crack.

So I think that I owe all of my loyal readers an explanation of my behavior lately. (Sorry Mom.)
I have an addiction. There, I said it.

Hello. My name is Katie. And I am an addict.
Here is my drug:

It is called Rock Band; a video game where you can start a band with real-toy instruments and tour the WORLD! HAHAHA (laughing like Mike Myers in Austin Powers)

Our band is called Lesion. Pretty rockin’ huh? We have band practice a few nights a week, but I can’t stop thinking/dreaming/breathing rock band. And I am good too!! Who-da thunk?!

So…here are some lovely pictures of my band LESION:

Robby, love of my life, the drummer!! Probably the best drummer in the world of rock!! He is concentrating pretty hard.

Some times he likes to rock out on the vocals! Can anyone say "multi-talented"?

This is George on the lead vocals. I just call him Axel.

Ryan on Lead Vocals. Ryan is definitely our top performer on the guitar. Definitely. But...he likes to mix it up with the mic on occasion. Man he is super serious folks...yes-he is breaking a sweat!

I told you he was serious! Ry-dog is practicing his serenading techniques on his roomie George. Now that is dedication.

And last, but certainly NOT least. Our groupie Frank! We just couldn't do it without him. He is always the first to offer words of encouragement, or in this case...a Natty Lite. (Only real rockers drink cheap beer.)

And If you are wondering...I play a mean bass guitar!


MIRANDA said...

I think it is freakin hilarious that you are a RockBand junkie. All those times you said I was a loser staying at home playing video games. I told you it was addicting! I can't wait for the day when our bands collide. OH! It is sooo on! I'm Mick Mars and Trey is Tommy Lee! You and Robby are in for it! LOVE YOU!

Katie said...

Bring it Sista!!

Mommy, Esquire said...

Ok - I came here to tell you where you can work out with me and the Spinsters...I mean Spin Sisters...but first I have to say that I was the drummer at a friend's New Year's Eve party and I do believe I missed my calling to be in a chick rock band.

You can join us at 5 am at the Wellness Center at Thomas. Be there or be square!